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skylights advantages

Skylights in the simplest explanation is that portion of the house or building that is covered with a transparent covering that allows the light from the outside enter the space and keep out the other elements like rain and snow. This feature of the building provides natural lighting into the space inside.

There are different materials that skylights are made from but the most common is glass and plastic. It is usually installed at the portion of the roof that is why it is also called a roof window. Skylights can also be installed at the side of the building or at the walls.

Skylights Advantages 

  • It is energy saving. Skylights allow natural light to enter the building thus minimizing the need for additional lighting and reducing the energy usage. During the day when there is plenty of the sun’s light to enter the building, there is little need to turn on the light switch. The natural light also adds a sense of spaciousness in the building.
  • Reduce the bill. Installing skylights will help reduce the bill that you have to pay for electricity and gas. Since there is light that comes in there is no need to use electricity for lighting during the day. The heat from the sun can also come in adding heat to the home so there is a reduced need for gas heating. It is estimated that in a year 20 percent savings can be reduced from the electric and gas use because of skylights.
  • Save the environment. Since there energy use is decreased you will be contributing to the reduction of carbon emission from power plants. There is new movement of making “green building” to help preserve the environment. One way to do this is by installing skylights to the buildings.
  • Adds value to the home. The modern appeal of the skylights as well as its energy saving features adds value to the home. You can get back the investment that you put up. That is apart from the savings you made from reduced bills.
  • Good for people. There are studies made that show that daylight adds to the physiological and psychological well-being of a person. It is also shown to help improve a person’s productivity.

The Different Classes of Skylights

  • Ventilating skylight. This type of skylight is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms because it allows the air to flow through.
  • Fixed skylight. This type on the other hand can’t be opened and is placed on the building for the sole purpose of allowing the light to get in.
  • Flat skylight. This is the most common type of all skylights. It can be made from flat glass or acrylic and can also be fixed or ventilating.

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