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History and luxury collide at Fort myers in Florida. The city originally built as a fort witnessed fighting between the US government troops against the original settlers, the Seminole Indians. After serving as a camp to soldiers, it was abandoned for some time until settlers came at the close of 1860. Several years passed, it was transformed into one of the biggest cities in Southwest Florida.

The beauty of Fort myers captivated many including historical personalities Thomas Edison and Thomas Ford who both built winter homes there located along McGregor Boulevard. Today, the bustling metropolis sits side-by-side Cape-Coral comprising a statistical area. Fort myers is also considered as the center of Lee County Florida. It is continuing to grow, expand and develop in the 21st century.

With this more residential homes are built or rented out at Fort myers. As of 2010, it has 62, 298 residents which was nearing a 30 percent increase compared to the population ten years back. A percentage of the population opt to build their own houses while some others choose renting out due to high cost of maintenance. Whichever they choose, the assurance of having a safe housing should be achieved.

Fort myers is frequently visited by weather disturbances. In 2004, a strong hurricane by the name of Charley did a landfall in the area and devastated a house portion of the city. Eight years have past many are still wary of their safety even inside their homes if another hurricane of the same magnitude would strike Fort myers. While others are waiting, proactive Fort myers residents are doing their due diligence.

A number of them have fortified their homes starting with the roof.  They used the services of Castilla roofing, a company that provides free inspection and quotation. Having your roof checked before a hurricane or any weather pattern changes occur is a big step enough to take to secure your home. Fort myers residents should be able to realize that evaluating the structures including buildings should be routinely done in order to avoid mishaps and further damages.

Castilla Roofing is ready to service the residents of Fort myers. The company knows that having a reliable roof to safeguard a family during a hurricane, winter, and other seasons provides a sense of peace. While nothing major has happened, it is way better to conduct evaluation and inspection. Contact them through (239) 465-2646 and for free quotes call 800-578-0035.

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